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Nashville Cool is an independent music publishing company

Core skills:

  • Leverage catalogs world-wide

  • Songplugging, country genre

  • Music industry consulting

  • Services for songwriters


Our associates: Warner Music Nashville, Sony, Universal, Broken Bow Records, Curb, Nashville Rising Song, The Producer's Chair, Steve Bloch, Mocha Songpluggers Group, Independent Songpluggers Association, Shure, Global Songwriters Connection, NSAI, Women in Music Business, Nashville Publishers NetworkAIMP, NMPA and many more.


Artists We Work With






Trinity Wiseman
Travis Smith
Nancy Deckant
Billy Lee
Zac Grace


Nancy Deckant

Songwriter, creative and day-to-day

George Salamacha

Musician and all matters sponsorships.

Katie Fee

Songwriter, Creative Assistant

J4 Wandass

Songwriter, Producer



Need songwriter mentoring, access to better songwriters, music business help?  Start with a phone call, online session or in-person meeting.


Nashville Cool

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