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The Mechanical Licensing Collective [MLC] issues and administers blanket mechanical licenses to digital streaming and download services (DSPs) like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple in the United States. This license gives DSPs the right to play your music.


The MLC then collects royalties due under those licenses and pays songwriters, composers, lyricists, and music publishers for interactive streams, limited downloads (so the user can listen to your song offline) and permanent the United States ONLY and ONLY if the DSP has opted in! See who's opted in. 

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Sign Up as a Self Administered Songwriter 

Below is a great video from the MLC on how to set up your account.  However, not all the information is in the video! There's and extra step, Step 2, that needs a little explaining. So we did that below. So here we go!

Step 1 Create Account

1) Create a profile and verify.


2) Once verified, log back in and "create a member".


3) There are 4 member types. Select #1 a self administered songwriter

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Step 2 Contact Info

The guiding question on this page is actually the last question at the bottom of the page under MEMBER CLASSIFICATION: Are you a business or an individual?


Answering this question, goes by your taxes. If you have an EIN number or fill out a schedule C, then you are a business. If you simply count all of your PRO royalties under personal income, then you are an individual.


Other Important Fields

- MEMBER NAME - If you're a business, use your business name, otherwise leave your personal name in this fields

- PRO publisher IPI # - If you are an individual OR a business, it's good to enter your publisher IPI


Once you're done with Step 2, the MLC will notify you when your account is ready. You can add your banking info and start claiming your songs.

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Next we'll post a video on how to claim your songs on the MLC and how to enter a song not on the MLC. Check back or subscribe to GET UPDATES.

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